Demons Souls Black Phantom Edition + Essential Mods + Multiplayer Español Pc

Descargar e instalar Demons Souls Black Phantom Edition gratis para pc en español

Included Quality-of-Life Mods
Gray Outline Removal (removes visible gray lines around some GUI elements when played with upscaling)
HD Font (replaces original font with it’s HD version, which is better for modern resolutions)
Lens Flare Disable (disables lens flare and DoF effects)
Lens Flare & Bloom Disabled (same as above + bloom is disabled as well)
Stats Status from DS Remake (replaces icons and prompts with their copies from 2020’s PS5 version of the game)
Unofficial Patches 3 (balance and game design changes)
Xbox Icons – Standard Font (Replaces PS controller prompts with Xbox ones, making less confusuion when playing with Xbox controller)
Xbox Icons – HD Font (same as above, but with HD Font enabled)

TÍTULO: Demons Souls Black Phantom Edition
GÉNERO: RPG, Action RPG, Survival, Third-person, 3D
PESO: 3,83 GB

1.- Descargar y extraer rar
2.- Ejecutar setup como administrador e instalar
3.- Ejecutar acceso directo como administrador
4.- Disfrutadlo!

Demon’s Souls: Black Phantom Edition + RPCS3 Emu + Essential Mods + Multiplayer


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